About Skylark Candles

Skylark Candles is an artisan candle-maker dedicated to producing high-quality, scented soy candles.

Our vision was clear: to create a candle that could offer a clean burn without the unpleasant chemical smells. Having struggled to find an alternative to paraffin wax candles and decided to set about making our own. A candle that would burn clean and please the senses.

After two years and countless prototypes, we believe we have realised our vision.

Pure, clean and uncompromisingly simple. We are proud to present our 100% soy wax scented candles.

Our Candles

In line with our core beliefs, we never use paraffin in any of our candles, choosing to make them from 100% soy wax.

We never add colourings or bleaching agents into any of the Skylark range. Our candles are entirely natural in colour; a nude ivory with a pearlescent sheen.

Each and every Skylark candle have been hand produced with the utmost care and attention. All of our candles are hand poured in the United Kingdom and finished with our iconic cork lid to keep your candle dust free and at its best.

Our Scents

We discovered that many scents for paraffin candles were specifically developed to mask the chemical smells. Since we were using soy wax we decided to design our fragrances from scratch. Our scents weren't required to hide any unpleasant smells. They could be pure, delicate and subtle. Our scents would be different.

We have worked tirelessly to design our scent ranges for soy wax. Our complex yet subtle fragrances combine bold base notes and calming middle notes with crisp top notes to create a symphony of aromas that are sure to delight.