What scented candle should I buy for my kitchen?

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The kitchen. Some regard it as the hub of the house. The place to cook up a storm and flex those culinary muscles. Whether it’s simply boiling an egg or creating a full on gourmet banquet, smells from the kitchen tend to travel. Some pleasant smells like freshly baked bread or freshly brewed coffee, can tantalise the tastebuds however there are some kitchen smells that are not so pleasant.

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But what to do when confronted with these lingering kitchen odours? Lighting a scented candle can be just the thing and choosing the right fragrance, makes all the difference.

Citronella – This scent comes from essential oil of the leaves and stem of the lemongrass plant. A natural insect repellant, makes citronella a great choice for the kitchen, as well as any alfresco dining especially in hot weather. It has a fresh, sweet and citrus fragrance so gently targets those odours without being too overpowering. Try Skylark Candle's Mango & Citrus Candle infused with lemongrass and citrus fruits.

Mango & Citrus Skylark Candles

Citrus - With the zesty notes of citrus fruits like lemon, lime and orange, these scents are refreshing, invigorating and energising. They can neutralise kitchen odours well and this is why they are also often the scent of choice for a lot of kitchen cleaning products. They are clean and crisp fragrances that can cut through those lingering cooking smells. Try Orange Grove by Skylark Candle full of those citrus fruits.

Orange Grove by Skylark Candles

Pine - Take a deep breath in and be transported to a cool, pine forest. Earthy, clean, refreshing and invigorating, this scent can pack a powerful punch. Like the citrus scents, pine is another scent of choice associated with cleanliness, a good choice to purify the air.

One in a similar thread to Pine is Eucalyptus - The unmistakable minty scent of eucalyptus can clear the nasal passages and breathe a freshness into any room. This powerful scent can cleanse the air helping to add a coolness to the kitchen after cooking. Try Lavender Lace by Skylark Candle. It has a clean, fresh smell due to its complementary notes of mint and lavender.

Lavender Lace by Skylark Candle



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