The best scents for winter and Christmas

Posted by Sarah Shaaban on

Cold, crisp mornings and that Christmas glow on the horizon, at Winter we love our warm, comforting scents.

Snow in Winter Walk Skylark Candles


Frankincense and Myrrh – an old Christmas classic. Frankincense comes from the sap or milky-white gum resin of the Boswellia tree. Myrrh is a reddish resin that comes from the Commiphora trees. Both frankincense and myrrh are prized for their alluring, spicy and mystical fragrance. A scent with its own traditions, reminiscent of Christmases both old and new.

Silken Myrrh Skylark Candles

Orange – Orange Skylark CandlesA bright, beacon to break up the dark winter months; the orange has become a bit of an all year rounder. In the 'good old days' when a lump of coal and a tangerine made their way into a Christmas stocking, an oranges fresh, citrus scent can remind us of Christmas time. Add it to two other winter warmers; cloves and cinnamon and you have a zesty, spicy pomander; warm and fruity.

Winter Spice Skylark Candles

Pine – When you look out of the window on an icy Winter's day, the only trees you are likely to see are evergreen. The tall pines that poke through the ice and snow have a clean, naturally earthy, woody and sweet fragrance.

Cinnamon and spice Skylark CandlesCranberries Skylark Candles

Fruity fragrances like Mulled wine and cranberries contrast the snowy weather by adding those dark berry notes and spice, cutting through the cold air like a glowing fire, adding comfort and warmth.

Dutch Apple Skylark Candles

Winter treats cakes and bakes Skylark Candles

And who could resist the mouthwateringly, sweet pastries and bakes that linger in the air at winter time. Fresh from the oven, giving off deliciously sweet, buttery notes with hot fruits and an all round favourite; vanilla.

 No matter what the temperature outside, these scents can warm and soothe away the chill. Enjoy!



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