The best scents for Valentine’s Day

Posted by Sarah Shaaban on

Valentine's Day Red roses Skylark London

With the 14th February - Valentine's Day just around the corner, you may be preparing for a romantic evening or picking out a special gift for that special someone.

Why not give the gift of scent this Valentine's Day.

Scent can play a big part in helping you to create an evening to remember. Giving the gift of scent to your loved one, can evoke the emotions, help create the right mood this Valentine's Day and create scent memories of this special time together.

It's important to consider picking out scents that can create the right mood. If you are trying to evoke the emotions and make sure that romance is in the air, then try to chose a fragrance that will complement your evening and one that has a memorable effect. Fragrances can store in your scent memories so when ever you smell them again, you can relive that special moment, those special memories you have made with your loved one, long into the future.

Candles are also perfect for creating a little soft-mood lighting and that romantic glow to your Valentine's day or evening.

Here are some of the most pleasurable scents to help make your Valentine's Day one to remember:

Vanilla: The fragrance of vanilla is often one of the most sought after scents. It's softness and sensual aroma can lift your mood and help you to relax. Putting on a vanilla candle such as our Vanilla Noir candle, could provide that calming scent backdrop, helping you to set the mood for a romantic evening.

Fresh fruit: The fragrance of fresh fruit like mandarin is a popular scent used to freshen and liven up the atmosphere. Filling up a room with our beautiful Spiced Mandarin candle could be an excellent way to bring that fresh scent into your home with a dash of warm spice. After Valentine's Day, whenever you and your loved one smell those fresh citrus scents, you could be brought right back to the wonderful time you had on Valentine's Day and evoke those memories of your time together.

Floral scents: Just like receiving a bouquet of fresh cut flowers or the iconic Valentine's Day red roses, floral scents are fresh, inviting and romantic. A floral scent in the room can bring on the memories of spring and summer. It can help to lift your mood and help to promote happiness. So when your are picking a scent to accompany your special Valentine's day or picking out the gift of a scented candle for your loved one, remember to 'stop and take time to smell the roses.' A floral scent like our Spring Blossom candle could be just the thing to add to the romance...

Consider some of these top scents this Valentine's Day and remember that with our candles, we only use 100% soy wax for a fresher scent and cleaner burn.


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