What scented candle should I buy to get rid of bad smells?

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Scented candles are a great way of creating ambience and atmosphere within a room whether you want to create a relaxing environment or a vigorously productive one. A matching scent can have a huge impact.

Another, use for scented candles is to mask bad smells. Scented candles are able to combat bad smells on two major fronts.

With fire - The flame from a scented candle attacks bad odours in the air rendering them inert.

With fragrance - The fragrance of scented candles displace the bad odours and can purify the air.

When used together, the flame helps by creating turbulent air currents which in turn, aids in the distribution of the scent throughout the space.

So the real question is, which scents work best for different bad smells?

Food smells

There are so many delicious foods out there and such a vast choice! Where food smells are concerned, some foods have the aromas that get your mouth watering and entice you in, others however can taste wonderful but can leave the air quality a little less than fragrant.


Salmon dish

Fish in its many forms can be both delicious and healthy for you. But what about the after cooking smells that linger in the air. A good scent to harmonise the room and cut through these odours would be lemon, orange or mint. These are lively scents that are fresh and clean. They help to eradicate those fishy odours and restore your air quality. Try Orange Grove By Skylark Candles.

Orange Grove by Skylark Candles

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables

Cabbage, kale, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower bok choy, rutabaga (swede). These vegetables packed full of vitamins and all the good stuff can unfortunately have quite a dense smell while cooking which then sticks around long after they are cooked. A good scent to try to tackle these odours would be a spicy ones like cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and a nice fresh orange scent to purify the air and absorb those pesky odours. Try Spiced Mandarin By Skylark Candles.

Spiced Mandarin by Skylark Candles

Spicy foods

Spices Skylark Candles

Food that contains a lot of spice might smell fantastic while cooking and eating, but the fragrant spice scents soon change after cooking is complete and can linger long after. A good scent to use to combat these lingering odours would be lavender; a great all rounder as far as scent goes. Especially when paired with mint or a hint of citrus. This scent can cut through the spices and help to neutralise the air. Lavender also promotes relaxation, so after you’ve been cooking up a storm in the kitchen, this scent can help you to unwind. Try Lavender Lace by Skylark Candles.

Lavender Lace by Skylark Candles

Frying oil

Frying food

As with spices, oils when used to fry foods can leave a very heavy feeling in the air. They can linger long after cooking and start to deteriorate in the air leaving a rather pungent smell. Some great scent for dealing with oil smells would be sweet fragrances like cinnamon, caramelised sugars, vanilla or a tangy citrus. These scents work to displace the fried oil smell and have your room back to smelling fragrant once again. Try Dutch Apple by Skylark Candles.

Dutch Apple by Skylark Candles

Smells around the home

Now that we have tackled those kitchen smells, there are other odours around the home that can also linger and prove to be just as stubborn to displace.

Fabrics, linens and old woods

Antique Furniture Skylark Candles

These items have their own distinct qualities, characteristics and smells. Vanilla is a great scent for complementing antique woods, leathers and textiles of old. It is a warm, creamy fragrance with sweet notes that can also enhance the atmosphere of the room. Try Vanilla Noir by Skylark Candles.

Vanilla Noir by Skylark Candles

Bathroom (loo) smells


For bathroom odours, and I won’t elaborate here, bright floral, minty, citrus scents work the best. These fragrances are crisp, clean and refreshing. The mint and citrus cuts through the bad smells and refreshes the air leaving behind a cool and purified fragrance and the floral notes add that extra pleasant lift to the air. Try Spring Blossom by Skylark Candles.

Spring Blossom by Skylark Candles

Musty house smells

Water Droplets Skylark Candles

The weather outside affects the air inside, so on those humid, muggy days, there can be an musty, mould like odour and dampness to the air. A fresh minty scent like spearmint, eucalyptus or tea tree with lavender and citronella are great pick me ups and air fresheners helping to cool and neutralise the air. Lavender and citronella are natural repellants so they are also good for warding away the insect. Try Lavender Lace by Skylark Candles.

Lavender Lace by Skylark Candles

Sweaty shoes and dirty laundry smells

Socks and shoes

These smells range from subtle to truly pungent so you will need some powerful fragrances to rid your room of these smells. Some good scents to use would be pine, cedar or clove which are fresh and crisp providing a clean and hygienic scent to the room with their natural antibacterial properties. Another good choice would be grapefruit or lime, both zesty and bright scents can leave the room feeling refreshed. Try Mango & Citrus by Skylark Candles.

Mango & Citrus Skylark Candles



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