Giving the gift of scent this Mother's Day

Posted by Sarah Shaaban on

We all know that mothers make the world go round, that is why each year when Mother's Day approaches, we spend a lot of time and effort trying to come up with the best possible way to show our mum how much she means to us, and how much we care. Often this means you show your mum how much you appreciate her at Mother's Day by showering her with love, kindness, and the perfect gift. However, while flowers - or a nice meal - are always good staples of a successful Mother's Day, these are fleeting gifts that allow mum only a moment or two of peace and tranquility. For longer lasting appreciation of your mum, try giving your Mother the gift of scent this May.

Giving your mum a scented candle from Skylark Candles is the perfect gift to allow your mother to sit back, and relax - and what more could you offer a mum?


With scents like Lavender Lace and Spring Blossom, you can give the gift of a scent that perfectly links to the season. As spring time is preparing to transition over to summer, the floral notes of these scented candles help foster a fresh fragrance in your home, allowing your mum to feel good, and have her mood lifted. With burn times of up to 60 hours, the gift of scent from Skylark Candles is a long-lasting Mother's Day gift that will have your mum sitting back and relaxing long into the summer as her living room, office, or any space in the house is filled with light, floral notes, and relaxation encouraging fragrances. Make sure that this Mother's Day is a special one for your mum by spoiling her with a long-lasting, beautiful gift that will encourage her to take a little bit of time for herself to relax and reflect: the gift of scent.