5 reasons why soy candles are better

Posted by Sarah Shaaban on

Scented candles can give any room a wonderful fragrance and atmosphere when lit. Whether in the home, a restaurant or having a long soak in a warm bath, candles can give a comforting glow and aroma to add to the mood of the moment.

Most scented candles on the market today are made from paraffin a derivative of petroleum, coal or oil shale. The harmful effects of these fossil fuels are well know and numerous.

oil field oil spill

But there is a new, more environmentally friendly, renewable and gentler type of wax out there, which we at Skylark Candles absolutely love! It's the only wax we use in our candles and this was is soy.

Apart from being more environmentally friendly, why are soy candles better than their paraffin counterparts?

1)  Soy is a natural, renewable resource

Soy beans in field skylark candles

Unlike paraffin which comes from crude oil, soy comes from the soybean plant. Crude oil is a nonrenewable  resource.. However soy wax is a vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans. Soy is a plant and just like growing wheat in a field, soy plants can be planted, left to grow, harvested and used for a multitude of things. Being wonderfully renewable, the process starts all over again, as many times as you like. As an added bonus, plants are better for the environment is many ways and not to forget, they also give us oxygen so we can breathe, what's not to like?

2)  Soy wax spills are easy to clean

Have you ever had that moment when burning paraffin wax candles to see that they have dripped all over your favourite piece of furniture or onto a carpet or tablecloth? It's hard work to try to clean the wax off, especially without damaging anything. Scented candles made from soy wax can be easily wiped up if there are any accidental drips or spills. All it takes is a bit of soap and water and that's it.

3)  Soy wax scented candles last longer

It's all down to the longer lasting burn time of the soy wax. Soy wax is a lot softer compared to paraffin candles. This means that you can use a cooler burning wick for your scented candle. In a nutshell, soy candles burn longer because the wick is not burning as hot and therefore the wax is not burning off as fast. This is why soy candles last twice as long as paraffin candles.

Soy wax skylark candles

4)  Soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin

Have you ever seen the smoke coming off a paraffin wax candles when it's burning? That is creating soot. Soy wax is a natural wax and produces a cleaner burn, as such, less soot in your home. Soy wax is a higher quality, refined wax and candles made from this wax without additives, produce less soot when burnt.

paraffin candle smoke skylark candles

5)  Paraffin candles are bad for your indoor air quality

Soy wax is just all round healthier, they do not release potentially harmful amounts of indoor air pollutants. Compared to Paraffin where the emissions from a burning candle are comparable to cigarette smoke! The fumes given off by a burning paraffin wax candle contain toluene and benzene both known human carcinogens. This is something we just could not ignore and why we only use soy wax in our candles at Skylark Candles.



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