5 best kitchen scented candles

Posted by Sarah Shaaban on

The kitchen, the central meeting place of the modern house. A place where family members and friends alike can congregate whether it’s over food or just a place to sit and chat. Giving the kitchen a welcoming feeling all adds to the experience of being in possibly the busiest room in the house. But how do you create that ambience? A few things that could help to get the desired effect are lighting and aroma. A high quality scented candle can be used to encompass both light and scent. But which are best for the kitchen?


Orange Grove Skylark Candles

Orange Grove by Skylark Candles. With the zesty notes of citrus fruits like lemon, lime and orange, these scents are refreshing, invigorating and energising. They can neutralise kitchen odours well. Comprising of clean and crisp fragrances, these scents can cut through any lingering cooking smells and provide an uplifting aroma to the kitchen.

Lavender Lace Skylark Candles

Lavender Lace by Skylark Candles. Be transported to fields of delicate, sweet French Lavender blended with clean white florals and a hint of mint. This contemporary twist on a classic scent is a great fresh and clean fragrance scent for your kitchen.

Spiced Mandarin Skylark Candles

If you want a full bodied scent with its complex perfume notes, the luxuriously scented Spiced Mandarin Candle is ideal. It has oriental floral notes with plum and orange blossom before releasing a hint of spicy pink pepper and mandarin and finishing with ylang ylang, rose, tuberose, orchid, vanilla, musk and amber. This scent gives the room aroma and an air of sophistication.

Dutch Apple Skylark Candles

Don’t want to bake but love those warm, sweet baking aromas? Then this candle will give you just that without having to do any of the hard work or cooking. Dutch Apple by Skylark Candle encompasses notes of creamy butter pastry, spiced caramelised apples infused with cinnamon, plump raisins, juicy plums and fresh, zesty lemon peel. A warm and inviting fragrance to add to the kitchen ambience.

Spring Blossom Skylark Candle

Having freshly cut flowers in the home can be a wonderful touch, the sight and especially the aroma they can produce. To get that lasting floral scent in your kitchen, Skylark Candles Spring Blossom Candle is light and cool. It is packed with delicate florals leaving a fresh and uplifting fragrance to your room. This scent begins with notes of lush, white florals, orange blossom and tuberose. It is accented with iris, pink pepper and jasmine and ends with sweet musk, soft woods and benzoin.



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